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View over Poros
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October 2000
Cats on Poros (lots of cats)
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This page:
This photoalbum will be a walk througt Poros town. From east to west.
We will start the sightseeing where you land with the big ferryboats
from Pireus and end at the other end of the city. During the walk you
can stop and look at pictures from the alleys and the views over Poros.

Hold the mouse on the pictures to make them a little larger.

Close to the Naval base, where the quay almost ends, the big ferry from Pireus,
and the small carferries between Poros and Galatas enter Poros.
The carferries leave Galatas every whole and half hour, and 10 minutes later
they leave Poros. They run until 22 every evening. Most of them are open
only at one end, so cars have to go reverse onboard. But on one you can drive
straight through.


1998 the city had a big restoration along the quay.
New stones were layed at the pavement and a fine shoreline were built.


The newest monument is a statue of a mermaid.
In the evening water is spout all over her and lamps are lightning her up.


On the other side of the road, a few roads up in the alleys, the "Pipka-house"
is situated. This is where you find the free doctor. You don't pay for the
treatment, only for the farmacy. Sit down in the line and wait for your turn.

The Pipka-house has moved.
They are now behind Niki's Village to the left of the canal.

This beautiful sign is hanging outside the farmacy.
The farmacy is closed now.


Where the quay makes a distinct bend, the outdoor cinema "Diana" is situated.
It was a very nice experience to see a film outdoor. The starred sky above you,
lights from the houses up the slopes, an aeroplane in the sky. They give quite
new films in English, sometimes dubbed to greek but with subtitles in English.


In the next house is a newspapershop.
There you can buy foreign newspapers, 1 day old.

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In the guestharbour there is always new boats. Big boats and small boats.
Expensive boats and cheap ones. Boats from all over the world. If you are
interested in boats, this place is for you.

If you are lucky you might see a ship like this.

You can see Poros library from the quay.
You can't miss the broad stairs.


The hero square is situated close to the busstation.
In the centre of the square stands the cenotaph. It is
honouring the dead from the two last wars.

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On the seaside of the square, you find the spot where the
taxiboats berth. The taxiboats can take you to many places.
You can go to: Galatas, Neorion, Askeli, Monastery, Aliki
and more places where a boat can berth.

A little further south from the taxiboats you find the busstation.
It is not a real station, but the bus stop there. There is only one bus
 on Poros now. It goes goes to Monastery, where you can swim
and visit the monastary. There are no busstops along the road.
You just stop the bus when you want to enter it
and press the button where ever you want to leave the bus.

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Early in the morning the fishingboats come back to Poros.
If you want to buy fresh fish, you can visit the fishmarket.

...or you can buy directly from the boat

Outside the fishmarket

Three men at work

the tailor    the storekeeper  the artist

Everywhere men sat or stood talking

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At this square stands this monument which is a water pump.
The house to the left is the town office.

Pictures from the quay of Poros

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Two small islands

Bourtzi          Daskalio
more photos from Bourtzi: click

The last photos are from different places on Poros

East entrance of Poros, 
lighthouse Dana from 1870

    West entrance of Poros
(the little church)

The man with his mules.
On the street, and in the alleys

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Pictures from the alleys (both day and night)
View over Poros
More photos from Poros
October 2000
Cats on Poros (lots of cats)
Prople in Poros/Galatas