Here are some photos taken 28th october - 5th november 2000

This was the last week with tourists. Askeli and Neorio was closing down.
Many restaurants down town had moved inside.

askeli.jpg clean.jpg
This day there was only one person sunbathing in Askeli...
...and the shop in Neorion was cleaning up

empty.jpg niki.jpg
All pools was emptied ...exept for Nikis Village, where the last Swedes
and English people still were swimming

kanali2.jpg bad1.jpg
In Kanali there were a few people swimming     ...including my family
The temperature in the air was about 25 degrees Celsius, and a little less in the water.
So it was nice weather for swimming

I could see that the new house on the
hill in Kanali area was almost finished

The salesmen did their best to sell to the few
tourists that was left

greek8.jpg greek9.jpg
The marketplace early one morning

New recruits arrived for their training at Naval School

The pavement outside the Naval
School is finished now

view1.jpg sunupgal.jpg
View from the roof of my house               Sunrise over Galatas