This is the genuine Greece, compared with Poros. Galatas is situated on the mainland, opposite of Poros. Cost 1€ to go over to with the small taxi boats. They have their own mayor and their own council. Galatas is developing its character and is being more and more a nice town. No tavernas are closed down here. They are open all winter. The Greeks don't go to a bad taverna where the food is not good. Galatas has a nice waterfront where you can sit down and eat or have something to drink. There are many cafés, bars and restaurants, and a nice view over Poros. In Galatas they say that "the best with Galatas is the beautiful view of Poros". Specially at nighttime with all the lamps, and the lights from Poros reflecting in the sea. In Galatas everything is a little cheaper than on Poros. They have not developed the tourism as much as Poros has. Here the time stands still. It is more genuine Greek. You go to the market and buy your vegetables, you go to the bakery in the morning and buy your breakfast bread, baked in the old fashion way. The people lives on growing olives and citrusfruits. Many foreign labour is working on the farms. There are a few small industries.

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    At the waterfront
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    Mainstreat in Galatas
    Photos taken during the siesta
    It is very quiet

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