Shopping and service

Here are a few tips on different shops and services if
you need to rent a car, need to get your sails repaired,
need some hardware to your boat, or need to cut your hair.
Here are also the two health-centers in Galatas

1.  Anagno.FloralCreations



Now a new flower shop has opened in Galatas

On the second street from the sea.

Photos from the grand opening 11 August 2019

2.  Cava Captain B

cavaB logo
Go here: Cava Captain B

3. Pop's car

in Galatas:
Phone: 0030-22980-42910, -43714
Mobile: 0030-6942-556530 
Fax: 0030-22980-43716


Right between the carferry and the taxiboats

4. Top's Car


Rent a car in Galatas

Right across the main road from the taxiboats

Tel: 0030 697 5775755 


Monday-Tuesday: 8.30-14.00
Wednesday-Friday: 8.30-13.30 & 16.30-21.00
Saturday: 8.30-15.30

Mobile: 0030 6942 405756

Take the small taxiboats from Poros
Walk on the right side of the football-ground
Right across the main road
(Look at the map)


7.  Nikos Tapestry

Here you can have your boatseats mended.
Also the seats to motorbikes and cars.
At the end of Galatas.
50 meters after Zambetakis ouzeria.

Tel: 0030 690 6759083

The master Nikos at work


Galatas Health-centers

A. Galatas old health-center
Tel: +30 22980 / 22 222
Here you can have smaller injuries looked after.

This is the state health-center.

It is free to see a doctor here.
Closest hospital is in Napflion.


B. Galatas new health-center

Tel: +30 22980 43 222

This is a brand new private health-center in Galatas.

Here you'll have to pay a fee to see the doctor.