There are many apartments and pensions on Poros, and in Galatas. I only have a few on my page. There is a company on Poros who are making websites for hotels, and I do not want to compete with them. If a hotel ask me to help them, I do so. The accomodations I have are all very nice. Some with pool, and some without. You'll like them all. Very nice accomodations.

Accomodation on Poros

1. Kaikas Studios  Neorion
2. Kanali Apartments  Kanali
3. Panorama  Askeli
4. Lion's apartments  Askeli
5. Alexandros Apartments  Askeli

Accomodation in Galatas
6. Villa Kiki, apartments
8. Poros View
9. Fotini's  Aliki