Poros and Galatas

Poros is a small island in the Saronic Gulf, 1 hr by hydrofoil from Piraeus. It is considered one of the most lovely islands in the Saronic. Poros is the perfect place for a quiet and most relaxing holiday. Poros consists of two volcanic islands, Sferia, a small rocky island where the town is located, and Kalavria, a larger and more lush island, with green hills and a nice coastline. Here you will find all the beaches and most of the hotels. The two islands are connected by a bridge.

Galatas is located on the mainland, about 300 metres from Poros. Crossing to the mainland is easily done by the dozens of taxiboats transporting people from Poros to Galatas all day long. It is here you will find the genuine Greece. Everything is a little cheaper in Galatas. Here you find banks, shops, tavernas and hotels. Here you also can rent a car. Galatas is therefore perfect to start excursions to the Argolin peninsula from. With the new road to Korinth it only takes about 30 minutes to reach one of the ancient Greece's greatest sights: amphitheatreEpidauros. It is easy to reach other sights, like the ruins of the old city of Troizina, Korinth, Mycenae, Olympia and other ancient sites. There are a couple of good beaches outside Galatas.


Below you find a route description Athens - Poros,
a map over Poros city,
telephonenumbers that might be good to have.

After you have arrived at Athens airport you have some choices:
1: Take a taxi to Pireaus, (at least 40 minutes, expensive)
2: Take the airport bus to Pireaus, at least 1 hour,
depending on the traffic. Line X96
3: Take the Metro. You have to change train at Monastiraki.
4: Take the local train. It goes from the same platform as the Metro.
It departs 9 minutes after every whole hour. 1 hour and 5 minutes.

In Pireaus harbour you have 2 choices:
1: the fast boats, Flying Dolphin, Flying Cat, about 1 hour, 34 EURO.
2: the slow carferry, 2,5 hours, 20 EURO.

Now when the new road is opened you can rent a car at the airport and drive
all the way to Galatas in less than 3 hours. Faster than ever.
You don't have to wait for the airportbus. You don't have to wait for the boats.
If you arrive to the airport in the evening or at night you can save several hours.

You rent the car at "POP's CAR" at the airport and leave it at "POP's CAR" in Galatas.

Here are the telephonenumbers to "POP's CAR" in Galatas:
0030-22980-42910, -43714
Fax: 0030-22980-43716
Mobile: 0030-6942-556530 

Here are the timetables for the Flying Cat and Flying Dolphin: www.hellenicseaways.gr
Here are the timetables for the big carferries: https://www.sf.gr/eng/

It is advisable to book a ticket on the Internet if you plan to go with Flying Dolphin or the Flying Cat. If you go with the carferries you don't need to book in advance. There is plenty of room on those boats.


Convert your money to EURO: Currency Converter

mainroad.gif = main road    seafront.gif = sea front    walkingarea.gif =walking area

Numbers on the map:
1. Ferryboats    2. Doctor      4. Cinema
5. Telephone company   6. Clocktower   7. Taxistation
8. Flying Dolphin   9. Taxi boats    10. Bus station    11. Bank
12. Post office   13. Fish market   14. Town office 
15. Pharmacy   16. Archaeological museum

Important telephonenumbers:
*City hall in Poros: 22 250
*City hall in Galatas: 42 411
*Tourist police: 22 256
*Harbour office: 22 274
*Doctor, (free) Pipka-house: 22 600
*Health centre in Galatas: 42 222
*Archaeological museum: 23 276
*Library in Poros: 25 936
*Busstation Galatas: 42 480
*Taxistation Poros: 23 003
*Taxistation Galatas: 42 888

Dialling code to Greece is +30
Dialling code to Poros/Galatas is 22980-