About 9 kilometres north of Galatas lies the ancient city of Troezen (Trizina). Troezen was the son of Pelop. Here you can find ruins of the old temple of Hippolytos, built 300 b. C., and a sanctuary built 200 a.C. for the God Asklepios. Hippolytos was an old God in Troezen. Trizina offers a lot for you who are interested in ancient Greek history.


This is the Devils gorge.
You can see the remainings of the water conduit.

It's deep down to the bottom under the bridge.
On the way to Devils gorge you passes the tower of Diateichisma
diateichisma2.jpg diateichisma3.jpg
Hippolytos temple

the Sanctuary of Asklepion
Plenty of water was used in treating the sick,
and the old pipes can still be seen.
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North of the sanctuary are the ruins of the church of Episcopi
which was the Cathedral of the diocese of Trizina.

These photos are from the centre of Trizina
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This monastery lies on the hills east of Trizina