The Monastery
The history of the Monastery reaches back to the beginning of the 18th century,
when a bishop from Athens, Iakovos II, was cured by drinking water from a spring
at Poros. Out of gratitude he built the monastery where the spring was located.
You can still drink water from the spring. You find it between the little café,
and the little chappell, Aghii Anargyri, and at the end of the road to the monastery.
You are allowed to enter the monastery if you are properly dressed. You are not
allowed to show your shoulders or knees. If you are, you can borrow an apron at
the entrance.

This is the sight you meet when you arrive at the monastery
A small café

Next you find the little spring where the water is always running.
It is alright to drink it if you like to!
spring1.jpg  spring2.jpg

Next thing you come to is the little church, Aghii Anargyri
church1.jpg  church2.jpg

Finally, you reach the monastery, Zoodochos Pigis

monentre.jpg mona4.jpg


        Borrow an apron... these two "pious" men.
mona_a.jpg  mona_b.jpg

mona1.jpg mona8.jpg



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