OUZERI, CHRISTOS ZAMPETAKIS, it says on the sign. The ouzeria is the place where you meet your friends in the afternoon. You order an "ouzaki" which means ouzo with meze. Meze is a plate with things to eat with the ouzo. Usually they serve a few bits of kalamari or a sausage, but at Zampetakis ouzeri you get this plate with lots of different small sandwiches and fish and vegetables. This is the best ouzo meze I have eaten. Zampetakis' ouzeri is situated in Galatas. When you go off the taxiboat you start walking to the left. You pass Alexanders and Vlaxos tavernas and the football field and at the near end of Galatas you find it. It is a bit to walk, but it is worth it. Sit down, relax, take your time and enjoy the view of Poros.


A nice plate of meze

 A nice view over Poros

Friends meet in the afternoon over an ouzo with meze