Everybody doesn't like to swim in the sea. Some people like to swim in the pools. Many hotels have pools, but some are reserved for the hotelguests. Here you find pools where you can swim. You are expected to use the poolbar, and there might be a fee.


Kamarez is situated in Askeli. It is a nice and large pool. There is a water-chute and a whirlpool. There is a bar where you can buy food and drinks.
BUT; they charge you 5 EURO just to swim in the pool!

2. Hotel Pavlou

Hotel Pavlou poolbar is situated in Neorion, behind hotel Pavlou. It is a very nice and quite big pool. There is a bar where you can buy snacks, pizza and drinks.


Elanova is situated just outside of Galatas. It is a quite new and nice pool. They have restaurant, tenniscourt, tabletennis, minizoo. Click on the link to see more: Elanova